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God is Faithful

As I sat with God a few weeks ago, just listening, I was reminded of a simple truth. I was seated on my floor with my white acrylic paint, paint brushes, and a large rock that I had found at a place that is important to me. I wanted to paint something meaningful, a truth that would anchor me in these chaotic and uncertain days. I heard God whisper, "I am faithful." Perhaps you have been reminded of this truth too. There were no tangible words, but I have heard it over and over again through the years. It is written into the old hymns of the church and the new songs. It is proclaimed throughout the Scriptures. It is a truth that is written into the fabric of the story of my family of origin.

It is a reality I know: obvious, reliable, and truly solid.

As I started to paint the words on the rough, grainy surface I was struck by how God's faithfulness is dependent on God... not on me. It is a reality I know:  obvious, reliable, and truly solid. But I heard it all over again.

I am not in control. I am limited. I cannot calm the storms or heal the brokenness. I do not know the future. I am not God. 

But I can lean into, depend upon, trust and obey the One who is sovereign over all. I can participate in the healing. So I fix my eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith (Hebrews 12:1-3). And I seek to be full of faith toward the Faithful One: to surrender my heart, align my thoughts, and obey. 

My responsibility, my invitation, my call... is to respond to the love of God and to follow God's lead along with the people of God. And God is faithful. May the truth of who God is—anchor me—and maybe you too. 

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