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Spiritual Practices.

Spiritual practices are the ways we intentionally open our hearts to the Triune God.


Spiritual practices engage our mind, our emotions, our body, and the external world. They are active and still, cognitive and reflective, emotive and analytical, playful and disciplined. 


Throughout our spiritual journey we will learn foundational practices that undergird the core of our faith and diverse practices that serve us for a season or in a particular area of growth or healing. The Spirit of God and the Scriptures are trustworthy guides as we seek to open our hearts and walk ever more closely with God.

A craftsman's toolbox is critical to accomplish the work (carpenter, plumber, cook, artist, etc). One needs a variety of tools to accomplish a task. Most projects, especially a new project, require tools for measuring, tools for cutting or deconstructing, and tools for building or putting together. Consider the tools in your spiritual toolbox. 

One of the topics I write about in my blog is spiritual practices, different tools for opening our hearts to God.

**Worksheets are for personal use only

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Worksheets below for personal use.

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