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Creating Art.

A Sacred Surrender​

  • Ideas for drawings often come from reflection on Scripture or life experience with God.

  • Usually I have a rough idea... and the image slowly emerges as I begin to put pencil to paper. I rarely have a concrete or complete picture in my mind. It is fuzzy and more conceptual than visual in my mind. But then I interact with God, praying the idea, and the creative process begins to feel like a conversation.

  • I did not intend for this figure to NOT actually be "in" the hands of God. And yet, we often struggle to understand that God does not intend for us to work for him but to be with him. Partnership and dependence is the invitation. Sometimes it is a real struggle to rest in our relationship with God, maybe for our men especially.

  • There is a tangible receptivity to God's presence in the figure's hand reaching out. Somehow it feels significant that he is holding on to the smallest finger of the divine hand, yet there is security nonetheless. That stirs hope in me.

The Divine Hands series of drawings are meaningful to me because they depict God's presence and care of us in different contexts and through diverse emotions.

This page is for sharing the creative process. The drawing above was started in March, 2020. Click on each box to follow the unfolding process that results in the final image.

A Sacred Surrender
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