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Creating Art.

Reflecting on Pain...

  • Art is a visual exploration of ideas and life. I make art deeply rooted in my Christian faith. Christian art may not look like you might expect. Here is an example of my process.

  • Ideas for drawings often come from reflection on Scripture, our interior life, and/or our life experience with God.

  • Usually I have a rough idea... and the image slowly emerges as I begin to put pencil to paper. I rarely have a concrete or complete picture in my mind. It is fuzzy and more conceptual than visual in my mind. But then I interact with God, praying the idea, and the creative process begins to feel like a conversation.

  • I will choose materials and tools based on the ideas and the emotions of the conversation with God. I might use pen and ink, collage, markers, Sharpies, pastels, acrylic or watercolor paint, and even mix media. 

  • I will work a little while and then sit with the image intermittently to attend to God and to my own heart. I will seek to notice what is happening in me, my sense of the Spirit, and my sense of what the image needs to be whole and true. The process unfolds.

The Divine Hands series of drawings are meaningful to me because they depict God's presence and care of us in different contexts and through diverse emotions.

This page is for sharing the creative process. The drawing above was done in October, 2023. I was reflecting on pain. Click on each box to follow the unfolding process that results in the final image.

Closeup of a Christian art piece with a woman weeping

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