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Front Cover of Divine Hands showing a girl sitting in giant, cradling hands

Divine Hands is an invitation to turn your attention to the reality of God’s presence… at all times.


We are held by the presence of the Triune God as we journey through life in the hard places, in the good places, and through our transformation. Divine hands hold us secure in the darkest places. They hold us as we respond in prayer to God’s offer of intimacy, and they hold us in battle when we encounter the enemy of God. We are also held in joy as we experience and celebrate the life of God, and we are empowered and strengthened as we partner with God. We are surrounded by songs of deliverance and released for Kingdom influence as we align with God in his mission and rely on his presence. And finally we are held in rest, free from our striving, as we lean into the One who loves us most.


We are held by God: secure, empowered, and released for his glory. 

Divine Hands

  • Published 2018

    Book: 8.5"x8.5"

    75 pages - full color​ 

    Artwork, reflections, thoughtful questions, journal pages

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