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Book cover of Encounter showing an art print of a tree surrounded by swirls of mist against the sun

Encounter is an invitation to engage God with an open heart. God pursues our hearts, and we respond: it is a sacred encounter.


We open to God in deeper and broader ways as we engage with our whole hearts: our relational creative right brain and cognitive analytical left brain. Visual images and metaphors are one way to sink deeply into the truth God has given and defined in his Word. Jesus often used pictures in his teaching. Some of the familiar images in Scripture are sinking roots into God's love (Ephesians 3), abiding in the Vine (John 15), and responding to the hands of the potter, the master craftsman (Isaiah 64). Let these images capture your heart and deepen understanding.


This devotional will engage your heart on multiple levels: through Scripture, attention to emotions, reflection questions, visual images, prayers, and journal pages.


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