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Pen and ink and watercolor art print of a banyan tree surrounded by swirls of mist and pathways

Watercolor/Pen & Ink


11" x 14"


This image reflects our internal journey and external journey with God. The tree represents a soul. The landscape and paths within the tree speak to the interior of our heart. The paths that surround the tree represent our external journey; we navigate a variety of seasons, climates, and terrain. The seeds of the tree represent the fruit of our lives abiding in the Spirit.


The tree is rooted in and nourished by Jesus Christ, our living water, indwelt by the flame of the Spirit, and the light of Abba Father sustains us. The Triune God is our creator, Savior, and our source.


The wall/stones around the tree represent the flesh patterns we develop, our habits of self-sufficiency. God invites us to cooperate with him in dismantling our wall bringing healing and wholeness. And the trees at the bottom are evidence that we do not stand alone, but we exist in community.


This image is available in a large worksheet as a black and white line drawing.

Engaging the Journey

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