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Ink drawing of a living tree surrounded by swirls of the Spirit of God

This Engaging the Journey Worksheet is a large black and white image. It can be printed on a 12"x18" piece of paper.


This worksheet reflects our internal journey and external journey with God. Truly - it is one journey but for prayer and reflection it can be helpful to pay attention to the realities within and without.


The tree represents a life. The landscape and paths within the tree speak to the interior of our heart, the internal journey. The paths that surround the tree represent our experiences in life, the external journey. We navigate a variety of seasons, climates, and terrain. The seeds of the tree represent the fruit of our lives produced by abiding in the Spirit. Allow the Spirit of God to guide your prayer. 


This pdf worksheet can be purchased to print for personal or small group use. If you would like to use for broader purposes please contact me:

Engaging the Journey Worksheet

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