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Mixed media art print with an arched door next to a pathway leading to the mountains

Mixed Media


8" x 10"


As we journey we encounter many doors. Each one offers a choice; we face a decision to go through it or not. It is often an invitation to deeper trust. Much is unknown beyond the open door. 


One must leave what is familiar to embrace the new. An invitation to something new can be daunting. There is risk in leaving what is known. This door has a small stained glass window that hints at light on the other side. Darkness and a cold familiar security exist within the high stone walls of this place. How long have we been in this place? Why did we initially stop here? What do I truly desire? Has God placed a door before you? What has He revealed to you of the place where you are? Has He whispered an invitation to you in the deep and quiet places in your heart? 


This image reveals a path beyond the door. It is dawn and the light is growing brighter. The rocks have been cleared away from the beginning of the path but there is much ground yet to travel. There could be segments of ease or of hardship and challenge on the path ahead.

Open Door

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