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Pastels, watercolors, and acrylic art print of hands shaping a ceramic bowl on a pottery wheel

His Hands



8" x 10"


“We are the clay, You are the Potter.”  Isaiah 64:8


The Potter places the clay on the wheel and sets the wheel in motion.  At his command the wheel begins to spin.  The wheel spins and strong unyielding hands apply firm pressure to the lump of clay.  Round and round the wheel whirls.  He presses into the center and his hands create a well.  The clay yields to steady strength.   The potter’s hands press and pull and the clay takes form spinning through purposeful fingers. 


Do the hands of God press deep and pull high to create a vessel to fill with more of Himself.  Will I yield to the discomfort of being transformed?  Will I celebrate the joy of being formed by the Master?


Potter's Hands

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