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Pen and ink drawing of hands holding a tree and, below, hands holding unknotted cords

This black and white image is a prayer worksheet.


The hands offer the tangle of our hearts to God. The rope represents thoughts and the fabric represents emotions. The offering, yielding and surrendering, produces new life (represented by a seed).


God reaches down to receive the offering. As the chaos is lifted up it untangles in the presence of God... and a small tree emerges. Finally, behind the little tree, there is the  shadowy impression of a large tree trunk that would reach well beyond the border of the page.


As we offer God the tangle in our heart or in our lives with open hands God will produce life. Perhaps God extends his Kingdom through our willing offering or perhaps God further transforms our hearts. Regardless, life is produced when we surrender to the hands of God.


When I notice uncertainty, questions, uncomfortable emotions, convictions, or grief in my heart I have a tangle to pray. I do not need to figure it out all on my own… I am invited to sort it out with God: by the Spirit, through the Word of God, and with the body of Christ, the church. Sometimes God provides discernment or understanding, sometimes God invites me to trust, and sometimes God invites me to action. 


This pdf worksheet can be purchased for personal or small group use. If you would like to use for broader purposes please contact me:

Praying the Tangle Worksheet

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