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Soul Care Baskets.

What is a soul care basket?

Do you need a reminder that you are deeply loved, that your heart, your whole person matters to God? Do you need encouragement?


Do you have a friend you want to encourage: a friend in a season of grief, trial, or suffering? Do you want to celebrate the  launch of a new adventure or ministry?

Consider gifting a Soul Care Basket: a basket with items and reminders that the recipient matters to God. Your story matters, your griefs matter, your need to play and be lighthearted matters. Your need for light and hope matters. The soul needs nourishment. Remember that God loves you.


What is in a Soul Care Basket: 

a treat, a little fun, a bottle to collect tears, a bit of art or a mug, a bit of beauty, a light, a journal, a small devotional, a magnet or bookmark, and maybe something else (how many items depends on size of basket puchased.)




Three sizes: small, medium and large, $50-95

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