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A Gathering for Shepherds

Updated: Apr 15

There are so many gifts within the body of Christ: gifts of service, gifts of mercy, gifts of generosity, and administration. And there are gifts of shepherding.

Lion of Judah
The King of Glory

If you are a shepherd (pastor, counselor, ministry leader, etc), this invitation is for you. When we have a heart for ministry, the rhythms of service and caregiving can fill our lives. Opportunities to slow down and receive may be few. Would a space of rest and nourishment be beneficial for you, a space you do not need to be in charge but can gather with other shepherds?

Join us at Grace Bible Church, Souderton, PA. Come and receive. You will not need to problem solve, care for anyone, or teach anything. This will simply be space to attend to God, to your own heart, and an opportunity for community if you desire.

So... bring your morning cup of coffee or stop at Wawa across the street from the church. Come and slow down for a short while in a prayerful space.

Tending sheep
Feed my sheep

There will be time to notice "How do you come?" You will be invited to pause and attend to your heart with Jesus. There will be a contemplative practice, probably lectio divina, space to listen for the Spirit of God through the Scripture. There will be an opportunity to share if you desire, but no expectation.

For those of us called to shepherding, there is great joy and meaning in God's invitation to partner with him in tending his sheep. But we are sheep too, so stewarding our own souls is essential. If this gathering seems inviting perhaps this offering is for you.

Nothing compares to the joy and intimacy of being with our Shepherd, the King of Glory. God is the source of our energy, our creativity, our wisdom, and our love. Join with other shepherds to soak in the love of God for the sake of your heart and your ministry.

Shepherd, this invitation is for you. Email if you have any questions. There is no fee for this event. RSVP through the link below to attend.

Shepherd's Gathering

June 8, 2023

Thursday 9am

Grace Bible Church, Souderton

Fireside Room (Gym building at back of parking lot - lower level)

(RSVP - Name tags provided)

If this seems to be a beneficial offering we will discern a rhythm that works in the future.

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