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Updated: Nov 30, 2020

This is a season unlike any other—we know it and we feel it. Our rhythms have been disrupted: rhythms for worship, connection, communication, and even stillness and prayer. Chaos, stress, conflict, and noise surround us.

Take a moment and notice. How is your heart? How is your body? What concerns and thoughts echo in your mind? What do you need today in order to create space to pause, to feel, and to turn your heart toward the heart of God? God sees you right now, truly sees you. How can you receive the love of God... love that truly nourishes?

Excerpt from Encounter

"... As a tree soaks up the nourishment of the fallen rain and the flowing river, so we need to receive and absorb the love of God.

One weekend I arrived at retreat on a Friday afternoon. It had been a long stretch, and my soul was weary as I drove through the black iron gate that marked the entrance to the Jesuit Retreat Center. I climbed the stairs to a quiet room on the third floor of the old building. There were multiple windows on three sides of the room. I watched the rain pour down, and I listened to the drops drumming a steady rhythm on the roof. Sheets of water reached to saturate the ground. The earth needed the rain that day… it was dry and thirsty. For hours I sat in the stillness while it rained and let the dust settle in my soul.

Then God whispered, “You need to be nourished too. Let my love soak your soul.” There were no audible words, but my heart knew the truth of it.

Paul prays for the Ephesians in his letter that they would be given power by the Spirit of God and a supernatural understanding of the love of God, a love so big and broad that it was beyond full comprehension. He asks that they would be “rooted and grounded in love.” Roots receive nourishment and provide stability as they reach deep into the earth. Let God’s love be the place nourishment is found and stability is gained." Encounter, p. 42

A couple tools that may be helpful these days:

  • Sharon Garlough Brown provides a daily lectio divina podcast that I have found nourishing.

  • Perhaps you would like to gather with us for Zoom Lectio Divina (link below).

  • Maybe a coffee date with a friend is needed to connect around deeper soul sorts of things.

  • For me, prayer and walking is particularly helpful during difficult days.

  • Or perhaps you would find my new devotional, Encounter, a useful tool for your toolbox of spiritual practices (see a preview below).

  • Something else...____________________

Contact me for information about bulk orders of Encounter.

Use coupon code "Pre-order" for $2 of each book through October.

You can choose "pick up" shipping if you are local.

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