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Pen and ink drawing of the ruins of a stone building

The False Self Worksheet is a black and white image designed as a tool for prayer.


The castle represents our false self. The false self is the collection of self-sufficient coping mechanisms that we use to manage life and protect ourselves. Paul uses the word "flesh" in the New Testament to talk about the false self. 


Use this image to pray through the ways you protect yourself or cope with life apart from God. Each stone represents patterns of self-sufficiency or sin (i.e. pride, people-pleasing, gossip, selfishness, materialism, greed, perfectionism, workaholism, escape, unhealthy withdrawal, any idol that captures us, unkindness, impatience, unlove, deception, manipulation, controlling, judgemental, etc.) You can write words or use colors to reflect the emotions you feel. Allow the Spirit of God to guide your prayer. 


This pdf worksheet can be purchased to print for personal or small group use. If you would like to use for broader purposes please contact me:

False Self Worksheet

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