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Pen and ink and watercolors print of a butterfly resting in a field of flowers

Pen and Ink/Watercolors

May 2013

8" x 10"

Large print 11"x14" $30


The day after my brother died in 2009 my husband and I walked the block and a half to his apartment. As we walked down our street a monarch flew directly in front of us. It seemed to be flying in slow motion and landed in the grass across the street. It sat very still and allowed me to nudge it into my hand. We walked the short distance back to our house and Mark took a picture of it in my hands. Then I set it on the flowers in front of my house and my husband captured the moment. 
Now, after reading a bit about butterflies, I think this one may have been just out of its chrysalis, still stretching and drying its wings.  After it sat on the flowers for a short while it suddenly flew. This butterfly was free to fly. It reminded me of those significant transitions where God moves us from a caterpillar existence into transformation. The creature enters the darkness of the chrysalis, eventually is released from that small dark place with no little effort, and then hesitates as it stretches and dries its wings. Finally, she takes flight with new freedom.   

Free to Fly

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