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Pen and ink and watercolor art print of a lush tree in the rain next to a flowing river

Pen and Ink/Watercolors


8" x10"


As a tree soaks up the nourishment of the fallen rain and the flowing river so we need to receive and absorb the love of God.


One weekend I sat in a quiet room on the 3rd floor of an old building, and I watched the rain pour down. I listened to the drops drumming on the roof, and I watched the sheets of water reach to saturate the ground. The earth needed the rain that was dry and thirsty. For hours I sat in the quiet and let the dust settle in my soul. And it rained.


And God whispered, "You need to be nourished too. Let my love soak your soul." There were no audible words, but my heart knew the truth of it.


"...rooted and grounded in love..." Ephesians 3:17

Soaked and Nourished

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