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A Disruptive Invitation

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Two Retreats - A Disruptive Invitation

Virtual Mini-Retreats in March

March 27, Saturday morning 9-10:45am - $10

March 29, Monday evening 7-8:30pm - $10

The invitations of Lent are often disruptive: fasting, surrender, repentance. But disruption, as an interruption of the status quo, can be a place of hope and an opportunity for renewal. How is God drawing you and me to Himself in these weeks preceding Good Friday and the celebration of Easter?

It is a time for paying attention and self-reflection. As we pause and remember Jesus' journey to the cross, we give particular attention to his teaching and the invitations of his final weeks. The disciples struggled, stumbled, repented, surrendered, and learned as they journeyed with Jesus, their Savior and Lord. We attend to their journey of transformation in the Scripture as we engage our own journey.

A Disruptive Invitation - Two Retreats

When we focus on Jesus we see beauty, strength, humility, and authority. We watch the disciples wrestle with resistance and loyalty, fear and courage, pride and surrender. They fail, they trust, and they mature, most of them.

So as the disciples did, we fix our gaze on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith(Hebrews 12). And we ask the Spirit to guide our prayer and grow us up.

What distractions or idols have captured my attention or affections? How can I surrender more fully... repentance is the place of alignment with the heart of God? In that place I am captured by the grace and the love of the Triune God: Spirit, Son, and Abba Father... all over again.

Setting aside some extended time with Jesus is so helpful to me. I simply schedule it on my calendar - perhaps that would work for you too. So let us be present to God's disruptive invitation to our hearts.

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