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Encounter is an invitation to engage God with an open heart. God pursues our hearts, and we respond: it is a sacred encounter. 

We open to God in deeper and broader ways as we engage with our whole hearts: our relational creative right brain and cognitive analytical left brain. Visual images and metaphors are one way to sink deeply into the truth God has given and defined in his Word. Jesus often used pictures in his teaching. Some of the familiar images in Scripture are sinking roots into God's love (Ephesians 3:17), abiding in the vine, Christ our true vine (John 15), and responding to the hands of the potter, the master craftsman (Isaiah 64:8). Let these images capture your heart and deepen understanding.

This devotional will engage your heart on multiple levels: through Scripture, attention to emotions, reflection questions, visual images, prayers, and journal pages. 

Thoughts on Encounter

"Multi-layered in ways to read and be read by the Scriptures, Encounter lives into its name. As we soak in Christine’s rich artwork, accompanied by her insightful reflections and the Scripture texts they illustrate, we find ourselves encountering the Word who reveals glory. With each entry also offering reflective questions and space to journal our responses, this is a book to savor, to pray with, to dwell in…. be ready for a feast for mind, soul, and senses!"

Susan Porterfield Currie, Director of Selah & Minister of Spiritual Formation

"Christine Labrum is greatly gifted with a heart that passionately and intentionally seeks to know the heart of God – for herself and for others. Through her newest devotional work, Encounter, you will experience how beautifully God has instructed Christine's heart to offer words and powerful works of art that give birth to a space for your own heart to reflect, heal, renew and grow. You will be moved to a deeper, truer intimacy with our Lord Jesus as you enter in and 'engage with God with an open heart'." 

Sylane Mack, M.S. Author, Speaker, Counselor, President of Transformed by Grace, Inc. 

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